Ice breakers play a significant role in events in which communication and participant comfort level are important factors. They break down the barriers that exist inherently and by design in workplaces.

So why not break the ice with our Games...? Games are the perfect way to get people interacting face-to-face very quickly!  Whether it's a group of entirely new faces or you simply want to get your team talking - they'll soon have common ground with our interactive and energising games.  Often run as a 60 minute session (depending on your requirements), the session will be fast, dynamic, challenging, and fun.

Whether you are kicking off a conference; bringing your sales team together; or just want people to get to know each other better - our facilitators will get your group excited about the day ahead. They will encourage team interaction and discovery as players work together and strategize in two or three different games over the course of 60 minutes (depending on your requirements).  Our team will assist you to choose from our selection of games that are right for you - ensuring you get the most out of your session.

Suggested itinerary:

  • Arrival and briefing
  • 60 minutes of interactive games
  • 2-3 games (check out the options)
  • Award ceremony and prize giving
Our team had a great time. Broke the ice as soon as the game kicked in. A lot of laughter ensued. Looking forward to the next MeetMax fun and games.