Coming 2019 - AT THE RACES!

We are launching a REVOLUTIONARY idea in Event Entertainment. In 2019 our largest group game yet will be available - At the Races.

If you are looking for NEW and COST EFFECTIVE entertainment at your Party, Conference or Networking Event this is it!

Perfect for a Party !

45 mins of interactive fun in teams - training, racing and betting on horses. Players join up in teams and have plenty of time to socialize and strategize together at their own pace, which makes it ideal for a cocktail party or team bonding activity.

Every 10 minutes a new race is run and everyone comes together to cheer their horses on as they race on the big screen. Nothing is pre-decided and how players choose to train (or sabotage) horses affects the outcome of each race.

Fun at all levels

This game can be played on many levels from just picking a good looking horse and having a punt, to seriously analyzing the course, monitoring the other teams and trading on the live betting exchange to optimize the outcome.

This game is for large groups (anything from 20 to 300 people) !

Want to try it out ?

betting screen_1000.jpg