Knowing how your team work and interact with each other can significantly improve productivity and motivation in the workplace.

Our Games can give you the hard data on the dynamics of your team. These games sessions are followed by analytical reports and a discussion led by a facilitator about the results. This will help you understand what motivates your team, and how you can best work together to achieve your goals.

Our facilitators excel at helping teams grow together. They will encourage team interaction and discovery as players learn and strategize in two or three different games over the course of 90 minutes (depending on your requirements).  The events can be tailored around learning & development, leadership and management, or simply fun and competitive team challenges that get your team working better together. Our team will assist you to choose from our selection of games that are right for you - ensuring you get the most out of your session.

These sessions are good for a group and managers to quantifiably measure the different dynamics of how a group acts and how individuals act within that group, and feedback that data to the group as the centerpiece of a discussion to help them understand and consequently improve themselves.

Suggested itinerary:

  • Arrival and briefing
  • 90 minutes of interactive games
  • 2-3 games (check out the options)
  • 30 minutes of results and evaluation led by a teamwork facilitator
  • Data report follow up