Understand how your team works as a cohesive unit to help you and them.

Whether you have a remote team that needs to get to know each other, a new manager or just a group that isn’t quite communicating smoothly - our games can give you the direct experience of seeing them all interact together in one place and the hard data to understand the underlying dynamics of the group.

Having the games be fun and engaging is critical.  A good fun game creates engagement so everyone relaxes and plays freely, breaking down the strata that defines corporate relationships.  This allows managers, trainers and team members themselves to experience how the interpersonal dynamics work within the team. The games used in the session all require individuals to communicate and collaborate and work together to succeed, and each game is followed by charts of the results that can form the basis for discussion and improvement.

Our games have been used as part of a recruitment process to assess how candidates perform within a team setting and for helping teams self- analyse how they communicate and collaborate together which can include a discussion led by a facilitator about the results.


  • Introduction and briefing

  • 2 hours of games and discussion about the results

  • 3 games with repeat plays to allow the learning to feedback into new strategies

Perfect For:

  • New teams or managers

  • Recruitment or graduate assessment

  • Remote teams that need to build relationships and communication

Great Alternative To:

  • Physical team activities

  • Build a bike, bear, boat ...

  • 360 reviews and analysis

MeetMax Games gets workers out of their comfort zone, away from their phones, and gets them working together with their colleagues. The games are mind-stimulating and encourage interaction. Best of all they let you see how people best work together!